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AFCO`s relationship with our suppliers is one of the most important aspects of our business. Our suppliers are an essential part in ensuring we meet our customers' expectations and remain competitive in todays' global market.

We, Associated Fuel Pump Systems Corporation promote the procurement of materials with consideration of their impact on the environment and social problems such as human rights infringement and others. We recognize that the issue of Conflict Minerals, that originate in The Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries, is one of the significant social issues among supply chains. We conduct inquiries about the usage of Conflict Minerals, and we will take appropriate steps to avoid procurement of materials that can cause social injustices or finance armed groups. We also ask our suppliers to understand our policies and approaches and to promote responsible material procurement.

This portal supports our vision of an electronically-connected supply chain to provide a central location for obtaining our supplier documents and information.

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